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Sign up for Spring Nucleus Hives here!

A nucleus hive, or a “nuc”  is a baby hive, generally of 5 frames of bees, with a proven, laying queen and brood in all stages.  You will receive your bees later here than if you buy them online or from resellers.  This is because you are buying a PROVEN nuc, not something that has simply changed hands or has never been checked and cared for.

We will contact you around the first or second week of March for a 50% deposit, then the remainder will be due when you pick up the bees in late May or early June.  This pickup date is heavily weather-dependent.  In a cool Spring, it will take longer for the bees to come up to size, if they cannot get out to forage many days.

The price will be $195.00 for 2023 for a 5 frame nuc with a laying queen and brood in all stages.  The price is subject to change each year.  First come- first served, so the higher your name is on the list, the sooner you will get your bees.  We will call with details of the date and time for your appointment to pick up the bees, which will be either early in the morning or after sunset, since the bees are snug in their boxes at those times.

The bees will be a Carnolian cross, which we find is most suitable adapted to our climate.  Of course, if you have any questions about this, please give us a call or a text!

Once you take your “nuc” home, you will need to transfer it into a larger box, generally within a week, since they will grow fast.   It is a good idea to have your equipment ready for your babies when they come home. But if not transferring into larger equipment at once, place your nuc exactly where you will want it so they can find their way back. Feel free to ask questions at any time through this process – that’s what we’re here for!

We primarily sell nucs for standard Langstroth equipment.  If you need a swarm or a package for a Warre or top bar hive, we might be able to help you too.  Give us a call or a text.  If you are not sure about any of this, or have a question, our number is (541) 826-7621.

You can place your name on this list from July onward to be added to the list for the FOLLOWING YEAR.  If you are signing up before May 1, you will be signed up for THIS YEAR.