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Retail Locations

  • Food 4 Less, Medford, Oregon (Honey only)
  • Gooseberries, Grants Pass, Oregon (Honey only)
  • Grange Co-Op, various locations throughout Southern Oregon (Honey only)
  • Market of Choice, many locations throughout Oregon (Honey only)
  • Medford Food Coop, Medford, Oregon (Honey only)
  • Healthway, Medford, Oregon (Honey only)
  • Fishin’ Hole Fly Shop in Shady Cove
  • Press for Oil, Ashland, Oregon (Honey only)
  • Public Lands Store, Medford, Oregon (Honey and Candles)
  • Shady Cove Pharmacy, Shady Cove, Oregon (Honey Only)
  • Soundpeace, Ashland, Oregon (Candles only)

If they happen to be low or out, be sure to ASK for Wild Bee Honey or Peace Blossom Candles by name!!